Club Tag Team Competition

Would your club like the chance to take part in the World Taekwondo Grand Prix?

Well – we have an amazing offer that could make exactly that happen!

As part of this year’s Grand Prix event this October in Manchester, we are introducing an exciting Taekwondo Tag Team feature that will form part of the finals show each event night.

These highly-charged, fast moving matches have been hugely popular with participating athletes and watching crowds in the past, and will be a great addition to the already brilliant Grand Prix night out.

The nightly matches will take place on the main “show” court – under the bright lights! – just before the Semi-Finals and Finals take place each evening, all in front of enthusiastic crowds and team supporters.

British Taekwondo and GB Taekwondo have teamed up to offer this opportunity to enter a team to up to six British Taekwondo clubs.

Each participating team member would receive, as a reward, a Grand Prix medal and certificate, together with an amazing free pass for the entire 3 days of the Grand Prix competition (worth up to £50 each) getting to see the world’s best athletes up close.

The schedule is as follows:

DATE                                     PLACE                                   TIME                      FEATURE

FRI 24th October             Manchester Central        6:15pm                 Senior (16+) Tag Team Match

SAT 25th October             Manchester Central        6:15pm                 Junior (14 -17) Tag Team Match

SUN 26th October            Manchester Central        5:15pm                 Cadet (11–13) Tag Team Match

The format will be:

Each Team should consist of 5 athletes and 1 coach.

Each daily match will consist of 2 rounds of 5 minutes with a 1 minute break.

Once the clock starts, it does not stop until the end of the round.

The first round is split into 5 sections, where each individual athlete stays on the mat for just 1 minute, giving their all, before changing quickly to the next team member. This round begins with the smallest athlete and finishes with the biggest.

(If there is an injury, this change happens immediately with the next player staying on longer!)

In the second round, anything goes and the coach decides which athlete to put in and when to switch or “tag”, at any point during the round and as many times as they like!

This keeps the action really fast flowing!

In the event of a tie score (highly unlikely as the points do rack up very quickly!) – we would go into a golden point round where the first team to score 3 points wins!

So – how does your club get to take part in this fantastic event?

It’s very simple.

First of all – get as many of your club members to take part in this year’s National Championships (20th & 21st September) – as every ranking point gained will count towards the final team standings.

Based on the Team ranking points and combined results from both days at the National Championships:

  • The clubs winning the first and second place Senior Team ranking Trophies will have the chance to enter a Tag Team into the Grand Prix on Friday 24th October
  • The clubs winning the first and second place Junior Team ranking Trophy will have the chance to enter a Tag Team into the Grand Prix on Saturday 25th October
  • The clubs winning the first and second place Cadet Team ranking Trophy will have the chance to enter a Tag Team into the Grand Prix on Sunday 26th

Even if you don’t get to take part in the Grand Prix yourself – your point(s) for winning matches at the National Championships could be the ones that send your club to Manchester Central and ultimately being crowned Grand Prix Club Champions 2014!

Come on coaches – get your athletes into the Nationals and win this incredible offer!

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One comment on “Club Tag Team Competition
  1. It would be a fantastic opportunity for are club to do the tag team event on the Grand Prix it would make the students happy if the got to do this it will be once in a life time opportunity xxx

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