Live Stream From Suzhou


Tickets for the World Taekwondo Grand Prix in Manchester on 24-26 October are now on sale! Adults from £10, Juniors (U16) just £5. Click here to secure your place today!

A live stream of the semi finals and finals of the 2014 Grand Prix taking place in Suzhou, China is available for each day of the competition.

Results for day one available by clicking here

Weight groups Stream start time
Friday 4 July -49 female, +67 female, +80 male 12:30 (BST)
Saturday 5 July -67 female, -58 male, -80 male 12:00 (BST)
Sunday 6 July -57 female, -68 male 09:00 (BST)


Saturday Semi Final and Final Results
-67 Semi Final 1 Zhang Huau (CHN) vs Chuang Chia Chia (TPE) 9-8 to Chuang Chia Chia
-67 Semi Final 2 Anastasia Baryshnikva (RUS) vs. Farida Azizova (AZE) 9-4 to Anastasia Baryshnikva
-67 Final Chuang Chia Chia (TPE) vs. Anastasia Baryshnikva (RUS) 7-4 to Chuang Chia Chia
-58 Semi Final 1 Kim Taehun (KOR) vs. Lucas Guzman (ARG) 7-6 to Kim Taehun
-58 Semi Final 2 Safwan Khalil (AUS) vs. Guilherme Alves (BRA) 4-3 to Guilherme Alves
-58 Final Kim Taehun (KOR) vs. Guilherme Alves (BRA) 11-8 to Kim Taehun
-80 Semi Final 1 Sebastian Crismanich (ARG) vs. Albert Gaun (RUS) Sebastian Crismanich withdraws injured
-80 Semi Final 2 Aaron Cook (IMN) vs. Torann Maizeroi (FRA) 7-6 (Golden Point) to Aaron Cook
-80 Final Albert Gaun (RUS) vs. Aaron Cook (IMN) 4-3 to Aaron Cook


7 comments on “Live Stream From Suzhou
  1. Jasmine Johnston says:

    Live streaming

  2. hawkar says:

    good like

  3. Dean Lindo says:

    Only getting sound. No pictures :’(

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